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  • February Cheese Sale

    Reed's Cheese Curds and Jalapeno Curds - $3.56, Reed's Mild Cheddar Block - $3.95 p/lb, Ballard Golden Greek Grilling - $10.48 p/lb, Ballard Jersey Dream Feta - $6.73, Ballard Baby Swiss - $9.50 p/lb, Ballard Danish Pearl Gouda - $8.61 p/lb, Ballard Pepper Cheddar - $8.61 p/lb

  • Produce Forecast

    Fruit Pack: Mangos, Cantaloupe, Gala Apples, Oranges. Veggie Pack: Cucumber, 3 Pack Romaine Hearts, Onion, Baby Carrots, Roma Tomatoes. Combo Pack: Roma Tomotoes, 3 Pack Romaine Hearts, Onion, Cucumber, Baby Carots, Cantaloupe, Oranges, Apples

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