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Important Notices

  • Nog is Back

    Now that the Holiday Season is upon us, we have both our Egg Nog and Chocolate Nog available. Place your orders online.


    Vogel Farms has notified us to continue to sell turkeys. Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away, email customer service with your order today.

  • Produce Forecast

    Fruit Pack: Mangos, Cantaloupe, Fuji Apples, Oranges, Kiwi. Veggie Pack: Cucumber, 3 Pack Romaine Hearts, Onion, Baby Carrots, Roma Tomatoes, Green Onions. Combo Pack: Roma Tomatoes, 3 Pack Romaine Hearts, Onion, Cucumber, Baby Carrots, Cantaloupe, Oranges, Apples, Green Onions. Orange Pack - Qty 10. Apple Pack - Qty 10. Banana Pack - 2 Bundles, Grapefruit Pack - Qty 4 and Avocado Pack - Qty 6., Red Seedless Grapes, and most of our other produce now being sold individually.

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